Our beautiful space creates the perfect setting for you to celebrate the people in your life. Our spectrum of services includes basic rentals all the way to full event planning and execution.

here's the scoop:

We have been sitting on a secret for months and it’s finally time to share with our TCS family. 


Saturday, December 17th was our last party day at our Walnut Street location. We’ve known since the beginning that we would not be in this building for the long haul. We just assumed and planned on God bringing the next space into view before we had to let go of this one. That was NOT in His plan, so we were left with the opportunity to pivot and trust. 

A beautiful thing happened when we took that stance: Partnerships were formed with beautiful venues and a new plan clicked into place to take this show on the road. 


We will still be your go-to for all things crafty and parties, but in a mobile format. We will come to homes, offices, churches etc. We will be sharing our new venue options in the new year and we are SO EXCITED about them! 

There are still moments to be celebrated and crafts to be made. We’re here and we love what we do. ❤️